We're on a mission to provide high-value services and opportunities to businesses and organizations working to mitigate climate change.

We work with clients who prove instrumental in bringing in the next wave of clean technology. JSG Communications has partnered with leading hydropower companies, organizations aimed at offsetting the impact of invasive species, and organizations focused on bringing more solar power options to communities across the country. 

Meet The Team

Julie Smith-Galvin

Principal & Founder

Before establishing JSG Communications, Julie was the Vice President of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations for Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners. She spent years working at the grassroots, community level throughout Latin America. Julie is an elected Town Councilor in her hometown, where she focuses on municipal sustainability initiatives. In her spare time, Julie runs marathons, volunteers in political campaigns, bakes, and spends time with her son, daughter, and spouse.

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Casey McDevitt

Communications Associate

Since graduating from the University of New Hampshire, Casey has communicated the message of clean energy through copywriting, marketing, and public relations for various B2B and B2C energy organizations. Prior to joining JSG Communications, Casey worked as a Content Marketing Fellow at a cleantech startup and volunteered as a content writer for a local nonprofit. In her free time, Casey loves staying active, being outdoors, collecting jewelry, and reading a good book.

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Charlotte Rice

Operations Coordinator

Charlotte is a recent University of New Hampshire graduate, and has since worked as a social media manager and as a paraprofessional. In college, Charlotte was a trip coordinator and executive board member for the New Hampshire Outing Club. She strives to carry on the organization’s core values of environmental advocacy, conservation, and the appreciation of nature by joining JSG Communications. Outside of work, Charlotte enjoys going camping, hiking, birding and drawing.

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JSG Communications relies upon an experienced team of collaborators, service providers, and emerging energy professionals to augment our expertise, including: